About Us

PublicEdge has been providing expertise in new media for organizations and campaigns since 2005 Based in Silicon Valley, serving clients in six countries (US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel & Russia). PublicEdge is also a partner in the Women’s Campaign Consortium, out of Washington, DC.

The founder, Sarah Granger, has over twenty years of experience in Internet and social media, including programming, strategy, network security, blogging, other online publications and community building. Sarah is the recipient of national and statewide awards in innovation and new media for her work with national political organizations and campaigns. She has been referred to as a “social media rock star,” “major online influencer” and “innovative pioneer.” For more about Sarah, see her website at sarahgranger.com.

PublicEdge partners with a wide range of vendors and independent consultants to provide top quality services at affordable prices, including web designers and developers, search engine optimization, content creation, and social media integration. Please contact us for details.